How does the air conditioner work in heating mode

How does the air conditioner work in heating mode

Thanks to affordable prices, air conditioning in the apartment has long ceased to be a luxury. Many owners of split systems probably know that in the autumn evenings it is quite possible to warm up with air conditioning, when there is no heating yet, but the apartment is already cold.

Modern air conditioners cool, heat, and even purify the air. In this article, we will briefly describe the principle of operation of air conditioners in heating mode.

General information

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Briefly about how air conditioners work for heating:

  1. The outdoor unit of the air conditioner has a compressor that compresses the refrigerant, after then it heats up and enters the indoor unit through a system of pipes;

  2. At this time, the indoor unit is already set to operate in heating mode. It receives the heated refrigerating agent, after which it transfers heat to the room through heat exchanger;

  3. After the heat is released, the refrigerating agent cools down and circulates back to the outdoor unit air conditioning system;

  4. Once in the outdoor unit, the refrigerating agent releases the cold outside;

  5. Then the refrigerating agent enters the compressor and the whole cycle starts again.

Some people have a question: what is the best way to heat an apartment in the off-season, when the heating has not yet been turned on? In our opinion, air conditioning is the best option. Yes, you can buy a regular electric heater, but it uses more electricity than an air conditioner.

Why? It’s simple: the heater converts electricity into heat, consuming exactly as much energy as it receives. If according to the technical characteristics of the heater it requires 2 kW, so it will consume exactly 2 kW, no less.

The inverter air conditioner works more efficiently, it does not convert heat from electricity, but transfers it from the street to your apartment, spending much less electricity than a heater.

Features of the operation of the air conditioner in the heating mode

Another popular question is: why does the air conditioner stop making any sounds when switching to heating mode? Users of split systems worry about possible breakdowns and malfunctions that no one wants to face.

If you mainly use the air conditioner in the summer, then you are probably used to the small background noise that it emits during operation. When you turn on the device for heat, it surprisingly begins to fade. Why is this happening?

The fact is that when working in «cold» mode, the fans in the air conditioner work without stopping. They are the main source of noise. And when you turn on the split system for heating in the apartment, the usual noise can disappear, because periodically the fans stop.


This is necessary to adjust the temperature of the heat exchanger. And If the fans are constantly running, condensation may freeze on the radiator of the outdoor unit.

If you are faced with a periodic «lull» in the operation of the air conditioner for heating, do not worry. If the device continues to heat the air in the room and does not emit unpleasant odors, then everything is fine with it.


Can air conditioning save you from cold off-season nights? Yes, and how! Modern the air conditioner not only cools, but also warms the air, perfectly coping with the prolonged summer heat, and with the first autumn cold.

In this article, we briefly described how the air conditioner works for heating. In the comments below, you can give some tips and recommendations on how to properly set up and operate the air conditioner in heating mode. Good luck!

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