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How do I turn the heat mode on my GREE air conditioner?

Many customers know firsthand how technologically advanced and beautiful Gree air conditioners are. They not only cope well with their functions, but are also able to complement any modern interior.

The manufacturer often equips their units with the «HEAT» function, thanks to which you can literally turn on the heat! In the off-season, this feature is especially relevant when it is raining and slushy outside, and there is no heating yet.

In this article we will tell you in detail how to switch your GREE brand air conditioner into heating air mode or, to put it simply, into warmth. We will also touch on the subject of space heating with an air conditioner.

Turning on the air heating mode

To simply and quickly set the air conditioner to heat, follow the instructions:

  1. Plug the plug from the air conditioner into an outlet and make sure there is a «HEAT» button on the remote control;

  2. Take the remote control and press the «ON/OFF» button. The LED on the wall-mounted unit will light up and you will hear a characteristic sound; Press the «HEAT» button. This is responsible for turning on the air heating mode;

    1. Press «▲» and «▼» buttons to adjust the temperature, or press «AUTO» to let the unit select the temperature automatically;

  3. Wait for 10-15 minutes. If the air conditioner is set correctly, you will feel a tangible heat flow only after this time has elapsed.

If there is no remote control, remove the decorative cover of the air conditioner and find the small button on the right side. Pressing it once will start the cooling mode, and pressing it twice will start the heating mode. This will set the temperature automatically based on the room temperature.

AC activation without remote control

Switching on the split-system from the brand «GREE» for heat will take you no more than a minute, and in time you will set the unit in seconds.

Please note that the heating mode can only be switched on if the temperature outside the window is at least -10 degrees Celsius. The documentation that comes with the machine specifies the operating temperature range at which it can operate properly. If the unit is designed to operate at a temperature of -5 or -10 degrees Celsius or lower, and the temperature outside the window is -15 degrees Celsius, you should not turn on the air conditioner.

Air conditioner instead of heating system

It is important to understand that the standard split-system, turned on for warmth, is not able to replace the full-fledged heating system in the apartment, office or in the country house. An ordinary air conditioner simply can not cope with such load, because it is not designed for this purpose. But if you want to understand this question in details, read the article below.

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A modern air conditioner can be quickly and easily set up for heat if you understand the basic meaning of the buttons on the remote control. Despite their considerable number, setting up your air conditioner takes seconds. Follow our simple instructions to put your unit in heat mode. Good Luck!

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