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How do I turn on the Hisense air conditioner for heat? Briefly

With the onset of the first autumn cold weather, all users are concerned about only one topic: how to turn on the air conditioner for heat. Most modern split systems are equipped with an air heating function, and air conditioners from the Hisense brand are no exception.

In this article, we will briefly and clearly explain how to set up the Hisense air conditioner if it is a chilly autumn outside the window, and the heating has not yet been turned on.

Turn on the long-awaited heat

Using the remote control

Find the «ON/OFF» button on the remote control and press it 1 time. If the air conditioner is connected to the mains and is working properly, after pressing it, you will hear a characteristic beep and see a green LED on the wall unit.

Use the «MODE» button to select the air heating mode (HEAT). The button works sequentially: each time you press it, the available modes are switched in turn. Press the «MODE» button until you see «HEAT» or the sun icon on the remote control display.

air conditioner operating modes

As soon as you feel the heat on your skin, adjust the temperature with the ┿/— or up / down buttons (depending on the model of the air conditioner), so that the air is not too hot.

Adjust the air flow direction. To do this, press the «SWING» button 1 time and wait a little. The guides located in the air conditioner unit will start moving up and down, changing the course of the air flow. After pressing the button again, they will lock in their position.

Without remote control

So, we figured out how to turn on the air conditioner for heat using the remote control. But what if it is out of order or lost?

Everything is simple: air conditioners are equipped with a» secret » emergency power button. It is located on the wall unit behind the decorative panel. It is often recessed inside, so you need to use a thin, solid object to press it. For example, the case of a ballpoint pen.

turning on the air conditioner without remote control

The «secret» button supports single or triple pressing, depending on the model. When you press the button once, the automatic mode is activated. In the «triple» devices, everything is somewhat different: the first press turns on the automatic mode, the second — cooling, the third-heating of the air.

In some models, the sequence may differ, but the principle of setting is the same everywhere: you need to press the button until the desired operating mode is turned on.

Unfortunately, in this case, the temperature control is not available, the air conditioner automatically selects the optimal parameters.

After pressing the button, wait 10-15 minutes for the air conditioner to start working at full capacity. And only then continue to further select the operating mode, if necessary.


Now you know how to turn on the warm air on the air conditioners from the brand Hisense. Even an inexperienced user can handle this task. Use our article to set up a split system quickly and easily. Good luck!

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