How do I turn on the air conditioner without a remote control

How do I turn on the air conditioner without a remote control?

When we get to a hotel, a new office or a rented apartment, we immediately think about comfort. Recently, on the walls in hotels, business centers and residential complexes, you can see air conditioning, which can not but rejoice. But you can’t always find the remote control or the wall switch. In this case, a natural question arises: how to turn on the air conditioner without a remote control?

In this article, we will briefly explain how to solve this problem. You will learn how to turn on the air conditioner of LG, BALLU, MITSUBISHI or any other brand, as they are all similar.

General information

Most air conditioners are equipped with a hidden button designed to force the device on/off. As a rule, the button is located on the internal unit of the split system, it is hidden from view behind a decorative panel.

If you remove the decorative panel and press the button, you can start the air conditioner or turn it off. In most cases, a single press activates the automatic selection of the operating mode (depending on the ambient temperature). By pressing twice, you can turn on the cooling mode, and by pressing three times, you can turn off the device.

turning on the air conditioner without remote control
 Hidden button for turning on the air conditioner

Short taps are often enough, but for some air conditioning models, the button must be held for a few seconds.

Some budget split systems without a large number of functions can only be turned on and off by pressing the buttons, i.e. sometimes it is impossible even to select the automatic mode of operation.

But if you are lucky and your device supports pressing the button three times, then it is better to turn on the automatic mode. It will select the optimal temperature and, if necessary, turn on the air heating mode, if the device is equipped with this function.

Detailed instructions

Let’s move on to specific actions, how to control the air conditioner without remote controls. Follow the simple steps:

  1. Carefully inspect the housing of the air conditioner, look for the on/off button. If it is not present, remove the decorative panel. Usually it is screwed around the perimeter or attached to the block with the help of latches;

  2. Press the button 1 time. If it is recessed inside, use any thin object of elongated shape;

  3. Wait for 10-15 minutes and press the button again. If the air conditioner is turned off, it means that your device only supports double-tapping. Probably, pressing the button turns on the cooling mode with the standard settings;

  4. If the device is not turned off, then triple pressing is supported. Experiment by pressing the button a few times and feel how the operating mode changes. Choose the optimal one;

  5. To turn it off, press the button again (the second or third time, depending on the model of the device).

A few words about setting

air conditioner for condo

Using the method specified above, you can turn on the device, as well as turn off the air conditioner if it is not needed. But this method has one significant drawback — you will not be able to configure the operating mode in detail.

Temperature, humidity, air flow rate, and other additional parameters cannot be adjusted. This method will only help if you do not know how to turn off the air conditioner without a remote control or vice versa to turn it on.

But if the device is equipped with automatic mode, then you can trust it to configure the device. If the button supports only double-pressing, you will have to settle for the standard mode, which supports 18-20 degrees of heat.


Now you know how to turn off air conditioners without remote controls, if you do not need it, or vice versa, turn on the device on hot summer days. In this article, we did not tell you how to set up air conditioners without remote controls, because in this case, only nominal switching on and off is possible. Perhaps you know how to adjust the operation mode without using the remote control? Share your opinion and experience in the comments below. Good luck!

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