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How do I set up the air conditioner using the Huayu remote control?

When the remote control from the air conditioner fails or disappears without a trace, it is replaced by a universal analog from Asian manufacturers. Remote controls from the Huayu brand are one of the most popular on the market. They are suitable for all air conditioners, look stylish and modern, and, most importantly, perfectly cope with their function.

In this article, we will briefly explain how to set up a split system using such a universal remote control. You will learn what each button means and how to quickly set up the air conditioner, without going into the technical features of the remote control.

Learn more about buttons and modes

  • ON/OFF

This button is known to everyone who has ever held a technique in their hands. «ON/OFF» is responsible for turning the air conditioner on and off, respectively. Tap once to turn on the split system, and tap again to turn it off;

  • MODE

The second most important button on the remote control is «MODE». It is necessary to select the operating mode. The button works sequentially, i.e. after each press, one of the available modes is activated: automatic (AUTO), air cooling (COOL), dehumidification (DRY), air heating (HEAT) and ventilation (FAN). Information about the selected mode is displayed on the control panel;

  • F. COOL and F. HEAT

Quickly turn on the cooling or heating mode, respectively.

  • FAN

If you have selected the ventilation mode using the «MODE» button, you can adjust the fan speed. To do this, a separate button — «FAN» — is placed on the remote control body. The button works on the same principle as «MODE», i.e. sequentially. With each tap, the speed increases, from automatic to low, medium, and high;

  • ┿/— or ▲/▼

Buttons designed to adjust various values, such as increasing / decreasing the temperature or timer time;


A button designed to adjust the position of the horizontal blinds located in the wall unit of the air conditioner. Blinds are necessary to adjust the direction of air flow. Press the button 1 time to make the guides start moving. And press again to lock them in their position.;


Another button designed to adjust the guides. But in this case, they are not adjusted horizontally, but vertically. They are configured according to the same principle as in the case of «A. SWING» (see above);


These buttons are responsible for setting the timer for turning the air conditioner on and off, respectively. We will tell you more about this mode of operation in the article below.

  • OK

Confirm the settings. This button must be pressed in the timer setting mode.

  • SET

Saving previously set settings.

Basic configuration of the air conditioner

Split systems

If you do not have the time and desire to understand the technical features of the remote control, use our simple instructions to perform the basic configuration of the air conditioner. These settings are suitable for most users:

  1. Connect the air conditioner to the mains, point the remote control towards the wall unit and press the «ON/OFF» button. Make sure that the air conditioner is working: after pressing the button, the machine should turn on, making a beep. Also, the green LED should light up on the case;

  2. By default, after switching on, the cooling mode is set to + 25 degrees. If you are satisfied with this mode of operation, you can put the remote control aside. And if you need a more detailed setup, use the «MODE» button. Press it sequentially, switching modes (auto, cool, dehumidify, heat, valve);

  3. Adjust the temperature using the ┿ /— or the up/down buttons (depending on the remote control model). Each time you press the temperature value will increase or decrease by 1 degree;

  4. Use the «A. SWING» and «M. SWING» buttons to adjust the air flow direction. After pressing one of these buttons, the guides located in the housing of the wall unit will start moving. After pressing again, they will lock in their position;

  5. If you want to enable additional buttons, read the first part of the article, where we explain in detail about each of the buttons.

We hope this article was useful for you. In the comments below, you can share your impressions of using the Huayu remote. Did you manage to set up your air conditioner with it? Tell us about it. Your experience, as well as tips and recommendations, can be useful for many readers of our site. Good luck!

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