General Climate air conditioner

How do I set up a General Climate air conditioner for heat?

General Climate air conditioners are functional and modern, so in most models you can configure not only air cooling, but also turn on the heating. In this article, we will briefly explain how to turn on the warm air on the air conditioner using the remote control, as well as without it. We hope this guide will be useful for you.

Turning on the heating mode (HEAT)

With remote control

Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the air conditioner. The green LED on the wall unit should flash. It signals that the device is working properly and ready for setup.

Now let’s go to the main thing: how to turn on the air conditioner for heat? There are two ways: automatic and manual. If you do not want to understand the subtleties of the settings, use the automatic mode.

To do this, press the MODE button until «AUTO»appears on the display of the remote control.

Using the same MODE button, you can manually adjust the heating. Press the button until the display shows HEAT. Adjust the temperature (use the up and down buttons).

If you want to learn more about how to set the air conditioner to other modes, read all the buttons on the remote control.


пульт general climate

  1. Button for lowering the temperature and reducing the time set on the timer.

  2. The button for selecting the operating mode, each time you press this button, the operating mode of the air conditioner changes in the following order: cooling -> heating -> dehumidification -> ventilation -> automatic -> cooling.

  3. By pressing this button, you can change the angle at which the blinds of the air conditioner are tilted.

  4. After pressing this button, all the settings of the remote control are reset and the control parameters are returned to their initial values.

  5. By pressing this button, you will switch the air conditioner to energy-saving mode.

  6. Locks all the remote control settings so that they are not changed accidentally. To change the settings again, click this button again.

  7. Pressing this button cancels the on and off timer settings.

  8. Allows you to set the time after which the air conditioner will automatically turn on or off.

  9. Press this button to turn on the air conditioner. If you press this button again, the air conditioner will turn off.

  10. Allows you to select the fan speed. Each time you press this button, the fan speed changes in the following order: automatic -> low — > medium -> high -> automatic.

  11. The temperature increase button is used to increase the set temperature in the room and increase the time set on the timer.

  12. Allows you to ventilate the room by supplying it with fresh air. Works only for air conditioners with the possibility of fresh air supply.

Without remote control

Sooner or later, many users have a question about how to turn on the air conditioner for heat if the remote control is out of order. Use the emergency button. It is located behind the decorative panel, in the lower right part of the air conditioner.

mitsubishi emergency mode

The picture shows a wall unit without a decorative panel, yellow indicates the area where you can find the button.

Press the button once and wait for a few minutes. If you feel a flow of cold air, press the button again, and wait again. If this does not bring the desired result, press the button until you experimentally turn on the device for heating.

The temperature is set automatically, manual adjustment is not possible.


Now you know how to set the air conditioner to the air heating mode. Any other questions? Feel free to ask them in the comments below. Good luck!

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