How do I remove the lock from the air conditioner remote control

How do I remove the lock from the air conditioner remote control?

You purchased a brand new split system and used it comfortably for a long time until you ran into a problem. The device either does not turn on from the remote control, or refuses to adjust the operating mode. If you have already replaced the batteries with new ones and the problem has not been solved, it is likely that your remote control is locked.

In this article, we will briefly tell you how to unlock the remote control from the air conditioner, because every second owner of a split system faces this problem.

How to solve the problem? Proven methods

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Magic button

The remote control that comes with your device has a «Lock» button. This is a very useful feature if you have small children who can pick up the remote and randomly press random buttons. You can use this button to either lock or unlock the remote control. Please note that you may have previously clicked on «Lock»? This information is displayed on the remote control screen.

Force unlock

If the «Lock» button does not help, the remote control may be locked for some other reason. It can be forcibly unlocked by simultaneously pressing the «-» and «+» buttons on the remote control.

If this method does not help, try to remove one battery from the remote control and simultaneously hold down the arrow buttons. Use the help of a person from the outside. It should insert the battery back into the remote while you hold the buttons down. In most cases, this is enough to unlock the remote control.


Now you know how to remove the lock from the air conditioners. If none of the methods helped, the problem is probably in the remote control itself, or in the air conditioner. We recommend calling the wizard from the service center. He will conduct a full diagnosis and find out the true cause of the failure. Good luck!

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