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How and where to install an air conditioner in the one-room apartment?

Installing a split system or any other type of air conditioner is a big multi-faceted topic, to which we have devoted many articles. It worries many newly minted owners of air conditioners. Especially those who live in small one-room apartments. For an inexperienced user, it is not at all obvious which place for the device will be suitable and where it is better to put the newly purchased climate equipment.

How to install an air conditioner in a studio apartment? How to arrange it correctly, which room to choose? Where can I not install an air conditioner? We will answer these and many other questions in detail in this article.

General information

air conditioner blows weakly

If you are still thinking about buying and can’t decide whether to install an air conditioner in your small apartment, pay attention to a number of features. Perhaps they will just help you decide on a choice.

A modern air conditioner is a monofunctional device. It is able not only to cool, but also to heat, ventilate, dehumidify, purify the air and much more. We have listed the basic set of functions that is available in every more or less decent device.

There are several types of air conditioners on the market, but we will talk about this a little later. For now, let’s figure out why it needs such a large functionality, and what it gives the user.

Most of us rest at home, so it is more important than anywhere else to create a comfortable microclimate. Apartment buildings cannot boast of effective ventilation and heat saving, so air conditioning comes to the rescue.


how to configure кондиционер

It will allow you to adjust various indicators in the room, including temperature and humidity. Thanks to the air conditioner, you will sleep in coolness and freshness, your sleep will noticeably improve, become strong and calm.

In the summer heat, you will not have to languish from the heat, and in the off — season-wrap yourself in blankets to keep warm. After all, modern devices are equipped with both a cooling function and an air heating function.

Ventilation and air purification functions will help to cope with excess dust and microbes, which is extremely important for people suffering from allergies. Also, these modes of operation are indispensable if children, elderly people or pets live in the apartment.

Well, are these arguments enough to buy an air conditioner? We hope so. But keep in mind that the device must be serviced regularly, at least twice a year. You can clean the indoor unit yourself, and it is better to entrust the rest of the work to the masters from the service center.

Before you find out where you can put an air conditioner, let’s look at the varieties of this climate technology.

Varieties of air conditioners

To understand where it is better to put an air conditioner and how to choose a place for the most comfortable operation, you need to find out what devices are generally available on the market. Below we talk about the most popular types of air conditioners, as well as about their features, advantages and disadvantages.

Mobile air conditioner

how to fill up a mobile air conditioner

One of the most popular options. Inexpensive, compact, mobile, simple and cheap to maintain. It is a small monoblock with an air duct, which is output to the window through a special plug. Such a device can be moved around the room as far as the length of the air duct is sufficient.

It would seem that this is an ideal option for a small odnushka! But, the mobile air conditioner has a number of significant disadvantages. It is quite noisy and takes up space under your feet. If you are ready to put up with these disadvantages, a mobile air conditioner can be an excellent solution. It is stylish and easy to use.

Window air conditioner

window air conditioner

Now it is quite difficult to find an apartment where there is a window-type air conditioner. These devices are gradually becoming a thing of the past. They were very common in the last century, but now they have been replaced by mobile and other types of air conditioners

Nevertheless, «window boxes» can still be found on sale. Their main advantage is their compactness at a relatively high power. But you need to take care of the installation of a window air conditioner in advance, since it is installed directly in the window opening.

If the frame was not made to order, its fragment will have to be cut out, and an air conditioner will be installed in the resulting hole. This option is difficult to call successful, but there is simply no other option.

In our opinion, the window air conditioner has more minuses than pluses. Yes, it saves space in the apartment, but at the same time its installation is difficult, and operation can not always be called comfortable. The wind often blows in the gap between the device and the window, and the noise from such an air conditioner is usually higher than desired.

Cassette air conditioner

installation of the cassette кондиционера

Such air conditioners are rarely found in apartments. Yes, they are compact and are installed under the ceiling, so they do not take up space at the bottom or in the window. Yes, they are powerful and provide uniform air circulation.

But it is important to take into account that the cassette air conditioner takes from 25 to 40 centimeters from the total height of the room. Also, installation is possible only in a pair with a suspended ceiling. Most people associate suspended ceilings with an office or a polyclinic,but not a cozy apartment.

In addition, the cost of a cassette air conditioner is hardly affordable. All these factors make this type of air conditioner not the most attractive solution for a small apartment.

Split system

i feel button in the air conditioner

In our opinion, this is the best option of all those presented above. Yes, a split system is more expensive than a mobile air conditioner, but it can be very, very quiet, while powerful and functional. And the «split» consists of two blocks. One is mounted on the facade of the building, and the other on the wall, almost under the ceiling. Maximum space saving!

What are the disadvantages of «split»? Perhaps, the price and technical complexity. Such a device should be installed only by experienced craftsmen, and also serviced. But these are the only drawbacks. We believe that they are insignificant against the background of advantages.

Now let’s move on to the main question: where is it better to install an air conditioner in a one-room apartment.

Choosing a room: all the pros and cons

Choosing a place for an air conditioner is a responsible and important stage. The comfort in further use largely depends on the selected place. Let’s look at the rooms and decide where it is better to mount the device, regardless of its type.


air conditioning in the kitchen

Let’s just say that the kitchen is not the best place to install an air conditioner. In apartments, this is usually one of the smallest rooms. At the same time, we do not spend a lot of time in the kitchen, even if we like table gatherings with friends. Most of the time we are still in the living room.

If the air conditioner is installed in the kitchen, the air flows simply will not reach the other rooms. This is very inconvenient, especially in the summer. Therefore, we do not recommend placing an air conditioner in this room.

Do you still want to install the device in the kitchen? Keep in mind that the filters will be clogged at times more readily, and during cleaning you will be extremely unhappy when you have to remove a layer of fat from them. And high humidity does not contribute to a longer service life of the air conditioner.

There is also an urgent question: where exactly to hang the device in a small kitchen? Air conditioning above the window is frankly an unreasonable option, above the table-even more so. Unless it can be installed above the doorway. But in combination with other disadvantages, the choice, in our opinion, is obvious.

Entrance hall

Where to install it, if not in the kitchen? Maybe in the hallway? Well, this is not the worst option for installing an air conditioner in an apartment. It has been proven from personal experience that the device mounted above the entrance door opening can successfully cool a small two-bedroom apartment, not to mention a one-room apartment. This is a pretty good option for placing an air conditioner.

In addition, the air conditioner in the hallway does not put pressure on the head at all and does not seem to be something superfluous, since it is located in the entrance area. However, it is important to take into account that in this case you will have to pull a rather long route. This increases the cost of installation. If there is a financial opportunity, you can try this installation option.

Living room

air conditioning or split system

The most correct option is to place an air conditioner in the living room. This method of installing an air conditioner in a single room has many advantages: we spend the most time in this room, there is no need to pull a long route, the device can be conveniently serviced by substituting a stepladder.

However, it is still important to consider where it is correct and reasonable to place an air conditioner taking into account the existing furniture. Often in one-room apartments there is a sofa that is used both for sleeping and for receiving guests.

We recommend placing the air conditioner above the door or on the wall to the side of the window. It is better not to install an air conditioner above the window, this is not the best option. Also, it is not necessary to mount the device above your head or strictly opposite the sofa.

The location in the living room has the most important advantage: you will be able to enjoy the air conditioning as much as possible at night. It does not matter what time of year is outside the window. It will be cool in the hot summer, and warm in the dank autumn. What could be better?

Installation rules

Installation of an air conditioner at the repair stage

Now that you know where to install an air conditioner in an apartment, learn the important installation rules. It is important to observe them so that the room has the most comfortable microclimate. Also, compliance with these simple rules will extend the service life of your air conditioner:

  • The air conditioner should be located away from radiators and other heat sources. Do not install the air conditioner in close proximity to the oven, stove or batteries;

  • The outdoor unit must be installed on the north or west side. If your windows face the south side, provide an additional installation of a protective visor to protect the device from overheating;

  • Do not install the air conditioner too close to the curtains. Especially if they are dense and poorly pass air. Also, the device must not be closed with doors or other foreign objects. The air from the air conditioner should flow freely into the room;

  • Do not place the air conditioner near the window. Step back a little, 50-100 centimeters. So the device will work more efficiently, it will not be disturbed by curtains and the sun;

  • When installing a split system, take into account the distance from the internal wall unit to the ceiling. Do not forget about the ceiling skirting board, its dimensions must also be taken into account. The higher you hang the air conditioner, the better. But it is important that at least 15-20 centimeters remain between the device and the ceiling for free air circulation.

These are the main recommendations. Professional installers should take them into account when installing your air conditioner. So operation and maintenance will not cause you unnecessary worries.


We hope that we were able to answer the question of where to install air conditioning in the room. If you hang the device in the wrong place, you can dislike it after the first week of use. It is especially important to take into account the location in a small one-room apartment, because the air conditioner in the room will take up space, which is already so small.

Where to install the air conditioner correctly? It all depends on your needs and usage scenarios. A universal option is in the living room, next to you. Not under the head and not strictly opposite. You can also put the device over the doorway, but in this case you will have to pull the track far. This is not the best solution from a financial point of view.

In the end, the choice is yours. Only you decide exactly where to hang the air conditioner and what is the optimal place in the room. In the comments below, you can share your experience where to install an air conditioner in an apartment. We wish you good luck!

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