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How and where is it better to install air conditioning in the bedroom?

So, you decided to install an air conditioning system in your bedroom to maximize the level of comfort and enjoy the coolness or warmth while lying in bed. Surely, even at the installation stage, you will have the most important question: where is it better to hang an air conditioner? Over the bed or in front of it? Is it necessary to use air conditioning in the bedroom at all, or can you do without it?

In this article, we will answer these questions in detail, and also tell you how to properly install an air conditioner in the bedroom, which place to choose and what nuances you should pay attention to so that the operation of a split system or a monoblock brings joy, not discomfort.

General information

sleep mode in the air conditioner

Do I even need an air conditioner in the bedroom? Both yes and no. On the one hand, the air conditioner makes it easy to maintain a comfortable humidity in the room. And, besides, in the coolness, sleep is better and stronger than in the stuffiness.

But do not deny the fact that the air conditioner is a collector of dust, dirt and allergens. If you do not maintain the device regularly, you will breathe all these charms during sleep. And most budget models of devices emit a fairly noticeable noise level, especially in the quiet of the night.

You have to pay a lot of money to get a really high-quality air conditioner that produces a minimum amount of noise, has a built-in self-cleaning and the function of removing microbes in the air.

Nevertheless, most users still talk about the advantages of using an air conditioner in the bedroom. For many, this is a real lifesaver when it’s hot summer outside the window. And even at night, the temperature is stable above +25. And people who do not like the cold, with the help of an air conditioner, are saved from the off-season chill in their home.

Varieties of air conditioners for bedrooms

Most often, either a split system or a monoblock is installed in the bedrooms (it is also called a mobile air conditioner). Let’s look at each variety in more detail, so that you can easily and quickly decide on the choice of the optimal device.

Monoblock (postable)

refueling the mobile air conditioner

The mobile air conditioner is a compact device with an air duct that can be moved around the room. The only condition is that the air duct must be brought out of the window through a special sealed insert.

Monoblocks are inexpensive, quickly installed, easy to maintain and repair. It would seem that this is an ideal option. But this type of air conditioners has several serious drawbacks.

First of all, the noise. Only a person with strong nerves can withstand a constant monotonous hum during sleep. Also, such devices can not boast of high power. They are barely enough to cool a bedroom with an area of 10 square meters, not to mention larger rooms.

In short, a mobile candy bar is a good choice for unassuming buyers who fall asleep quickly and in any conditions. At the same time, they will also be able to save quite a lot on installation and operation.

Split system

sleep mode what is it

This is the best-selling type of air conditioner on the market. The split system can be very, very quiet, while being quite functional. The standard split-type air conditioner is equipped with cooling, heating, air ventilation and other useful functions.

And the internal unit of the device is mounted on the wall, so it does not take up space on the floor and does not require the output of the air duct to the window. At the same time, the power of split systems is significantly higher than that of monoblocks. The compact device is able to cool a large room, it can even cover an area of 30-40 square meters.

Among the disadvantages, only the cost and complexity of installation, as well as the need for regular labor-intensive maintenance of the device, its cleaning and disinfection. This is an excellent choice for those who have money and who are interested in maximum comfort.

Choosing the optimal location

fan mode in the air conditioner

Let’s move on to the most important question: where to install air conditioning in the bedroom? This is really a very important issue that should be paid special attention to.

We offer several of the most popular places to place an air conditioner:

  • Opposite the place to sleep. It is this option that most users think about when they decide where to place the air conditioner. We do not recommend this solution, because in this case the air flows may be too intense and will eventually cause discomfort;

  • Over the door. A great option, especially if the door is located on the side of the bed. However, in this case, you will have to lay a long route or an air duct. This solution automatically increases the cost of installation and operation of the air conditioner, but increases the comfort of use;

  • Over the bed. We do not recommend installing an air conditioner above your head, because in this case the air flows will blow either in your face or to the side, reaching you with an enviable delay and insufficient intensity. But if you want to achieve exactly this effect, you can place the air conditioner directly above your head;

  • Near the window. In our opinion, this is the best option. Installation will be inexpensive, since you will not have to pull a long route or an air duct. At the same time, the device will be located at some distance from the bed, the air flows will be perceived more delicately.

A few words about the installation

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Now let’s move on to the technical issue: how to properly install air conditioning in the bedroom? In short, the answer is as follows: contact a large company that provides air conditioning installation services, sign a contract, get the work done, pay and be happy.

This is the most optimal way to install an air conditioner, if you value your time and effort. But it is important to seek help from professionals who are ready to provide a guarantee for their services. Do not entrust this work to masters who are ready to work for three kopecks, and acquaintances without proper experience and skills.

Experienced installers cope with the work within a few hours. We discussed the installation cost in detail in a separate article. Installation prices may vary depending on the region and other factors.

The installation process depends on the type of air conditioner. It is quite simple to deliver the monoblock to the apartment and bring the air duct out of the window, having previously made a plastic insert to ensure tightness. Contrary to popular opinion, the output of the pipe simply into an open window is extremely undesirable. Otherwise, you risk getting large electricity bills.


Installation of split systems is more complicated and more expensive. This air conditioner consists of two blocks: external and internal. The outer one is mounted on the facade, the inner one is mounted on the wall in the bedroom. The blocks are connected to each other by copper pipes and an electric cable. Communications are hidden in the wall, which must be pre-drilled.

In short, there is a lot of work, it is time-consuming and requires a certain level of qualification. A master without experience, special tools and skills will not be able to install a split system so that it works for a long time. It is for this reason that it is so important to find competent craftsmen with good reviews and a contract for the provision of services.

Some home craftsmen manage to put the air conditioner on their own. This solution has a place to be, but we strongly do not recommend performing the installation of «split» if you do not do it professionally.

The monoblock can still be installed with your own hands, but it is better to entrust the work with the split system to professionals. In addition, the installation of «split» is often fraught with danger to life and health due to the need to install an outdoor unit and fill the system with freon.


In this article, we have tried to explain in as much detail as possible where and how to install an air conditioner in the bedroom. But you should understand that for many it is a matter of taste. Someone likes air conditioning over the bed, when the air flows are literally felt by the skin, and someone prefers unobtrusive air conditioning and puts the air conditioner away from the place of rest.

What do you think, where is it better to install air conditioners? In which part of the room? Or, perhaps, you are convinced that there is no place for unnecessary household appliances in the bedroom? Share your opinion and experience in the comments below. This will be useful for many readers of our site. we wish you good luck!

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