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Everything you wanted to know about floor air conditioners

The market for modern home air conditioners is extremely diverse. On sale there are not only standard wall units, which we often see in the apartments of our friends, but also floor, mobile, portable air conditioners. We will tell you about such «exotic» devices in this article.

Modern floor air conditioners perfectly cope with their task in small apartments, while they are easily and quickly installed, and do not require special maintenance. It is for this reason that many people buy a floor air conditioner for use in the apartment.

You will learn what a mobile air conditioner is (also floor-mounted), what advantages and disadvantages it has and how to choose the best option for your home, apartment or office.

General information

A floor air conditioner (also called a mobile or portable air conditioner) is a device designed to cool and heat the air. It is compact and easy to install.

Floor-mounted air conditioners are great for use in different parts of the room, as they are often equipped with wheels for easy movement. But you should understand that the floor units are not the smallest on the market. On sale there are mini air conditioners that can be put on the table!

Floor air conditioners perfectly cope with their task in the conditions of a standard apartment. They work most effectively with a ceiling height of no more than 2.7 meters and with a room area of no more than 30 square meters. Most buyers live in such apartments.

In this article, we will only talk about household mobile air conditioners. Industrial devices will be discussed in another article.

Types of portable air conditioners

In total, there are two types of mobile floor air conditioners on the market: with an air duct and without an air duct. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

An air conditioner with an air duct is in many ways similar to a wall-mounted brother, but it is much easier to install. It is enough to install an air duct in the window and the device can be used. Such devices run on freon and are an excellent alternative to the standard wall split системе.

refueling the mobile air conditioner

Air conditioners without an air duct run on water and seem quite attractive for the price. They are often inexpensive, do not require any installation at all. At first glance, this is the perfect portable device that can be placed in any room.

But you should understand that water-based outdoor air conditioners are more like a large humidifier with a built-in fan. They will never compare with either a wall-mounted device or a floor-mounted one that has an air duct.

By the way, there is no wall-mounted air conditioner without communications. Do not believe the scammers who try to sell you a wall unit without an outdoor unit and assure you that additional installation is not necessary. But, back to the floor units.

Advantages and disadvantages

how to refuel a mobile air conditioner

Outdoor air conditioners have as many pros as they do cons. Let’s look at them in more detail so that you can decide whether to buy such an air conditioner. Perhaps, after reading it, you will decide to purchase a different type of device?


  • Floor air conditioners for the home are often equipped with wheels for easy movement of the device around the room;

  • For high-quality installation of a floor air conditioner, it is only necessary to bring the air duct to the street through the window. Outdoor mobile air conditioners without an air duct for the house do not need to be installed at all. They work immediately after you turn them on;

  • Floor air conditioners for apartments are presented in a large assortment. You can choose the optimal color and design, and take into account not only technical, but also aesthetic characteristics;

  • The floor air conditioner has a minimum of communications. No need to think about where to hide the pipes for condensate drainage and for the normal operation of freon. This is very convenient if you have already made an expensive repair and only now decided to buy an air conditioner. Devices without an air duct will not require additional communications at all;

  • The installation of an outdoor air conditioner does not need to be approved by the authorities.


  • All the technical «stuffing» of the device is located in its body and creates an increased noise level during operation. When used during the day, you won’t even notice it, but at night, the noise level may seem excessive. Such a device is definitely not put at night in the bedroom;

  • The floor air conditioner is not equipped with additional communications for the output of condensate. Instead, the water is collected in a special tray, which must be periodically serviced;

  • The air conditioner housing and air duct can heat up, creating an additional greenhouse effect around them. This is not the best «gift» on hot days, especially if you work or relax near the air conditioner. Devices without an air duct do not have this drawback;

  • The floor air conditioner draws air from the room, cools it, and then releases it outside. This repeated processing of air does not have the best effect on its quality. A standard wall-mounted air conditioner is usually equipped with an air purification function, which is extremely important for allergy sufferers. The floor unit can not boast of the same;

  • This type of air conditioner is not as compact as we would like. If you plan to use a floor unit in a room with a floor area of less than 10 square meters, think again. Perhaps it is better to buy a wall-mounted or desktop air conditioner?

Device and operating principle

The outdoor air conditioning system consists of two elements: a vertical monoblock and an air duct. The monoblock stands in the room and cools or heats it. Air duct is connected to the monoblock on one side, and to the window on the other.

installation of floor heating кондиционера

Principle of operation of portable air conditioners is simple. Indoor floor air conditioners do not use air from the street to cool the room. They use the air from the room, recycle it, cool it to a set temperature, and bring it back into the room. In this case, part of the air is excessively heated and therefore is discharged to the street through the air duct.

The monoblock runs on a refrigerating agent. Freon circulates inside the air conditioner every time you turn it on. In this case, the condensate accumulates in the pan, and it must be emptied periodically. For comparison: a conventional wall-mounted air conditioner is equipped with an automatic condensate removal system, and freon circulates not only inside the device itself, but also in pipes that were installed in advance.

Air conditioners for homes without air ducts work differently. They don’t have freon in them, they don’t need an air duct. Only water is needed, which evaporates during the operation of the device and is used to cool the air. In fact, it’s just a big humidifier that marketers have decided to call an air conditioner.

Please note

Before purchasing an air conditioner, you should know the approximate area of the room in which it will be installed. It is advisable to fully calculate the volume of the room, taking into account the height of the ceilings. So you can choose the device with the optimal characteristics.

There is an unspoken rule: if the area of your room is 10 square meters, then you will need a 1 kW air conditioner to cool or heat it. Accordingly, for a larger or smaller area, the kW values are added or subtracted. The same rules apply when choosing mobile air conditioners without air removal.

If you are in doubt as to what power will be optimal for cooling your room, ask for help from a consultant in the store.

A few words about power consumption. Choose only modern inverter air conditioners, they work energy-efficient and economical. With proper operation of the air conditioner, your electricity bills will increase insignificantly. At the same time, you will get a portable, convenient device that can be moved around the room.

Electrolux EACM-11CL/N3

If the budget allows, buy an air conditioner with an air heating function. You’ll appreciate this feature when the early fall arrives. At this time, in many cities, the heating is not turned on, although the apartment is already chilly after cold nights.


Air conditioning-the same indispensable assistant in everyday life, as well as a refrigerator or vacuum cleaner. It’s time to forget about the bulky inconvenient fans that almost do not cope with their task. Moreover, the range of air conditioners is so large that you can choose a completely compact and budget-friendly device.

If you have the opportunity, buy immediately air conditioners for heat and cold, 2 in 1. You will really appreciate their advantages when the cold weather comes in early autumn, and there will be no heating yet.

For the most effective air conditioning, it is better to purchase a conventional outdoor portable air conditioner with air ducts. There are indoor air conditioners on sale without an outdoor radiator and without an outdoor air duct, but they are essentially more humidifiers and an improved version of the fan than full-fledged air conditioners.

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