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Errors of the Artel air conditioners

A split system is a technically complex device consisting of many components. Over time, one or more of the components may fail, and this is absolutely normal. Artel air conditioners are no exception.

When one of the components fails, the air conditioner notifies you by displaying the so-called error code on the display. In this article, you will learn what the main error codes of Artel air conditioners mean.

Air conditioner error codes


If you see the symbol E0 on the display, it means that a protective device has been activated that limits the amount of current consumed. This error occurs in two cases: either the power supply is low, or the compressor has poor contact with the rest of the air conditioner components.


This error signals a malfunction of the air temperature sensor, which is located on the heat exchanger of the wall unit of the air conditioner. In this case, you need to check how well the sensor is connected. It may be out of order and needs to be replaced.


This code signals the same problem as the E1 code. Sometimes two sensors are installed on the heat exchanger of the wall unit at once. And the error E2 indicates a malfunction of the second sensor. The solution is the same as in the case of error E1.


If the display shows the code E4, it means that your split system has leaked the refrigerating agent and the air conditioner has detected a lack of freon. In this case, refueling is required. Sometimes the E4 error occurs when filters need to be cleared.


This code signals an unpleasant problem: probably, the motor in the wall unit does not work properly or is completely faulty. There may have been a jamming or contamination of the motor. Comprehensive cleaning is required, in some cases — complete replacement.

Now you know the basic air conditioner error codes. Air conditioning errors are unavoidable, and each user must learn the meaning of each of the errors. We hope this article was useful for you. Any other questions? Leave them in the comments below! Good luck!

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