Error codes for Gree air conditioners

Now the stores offer split systems from different price categories, including fairly low-cost devices that are affordable for many consumers. Air conditioners have become not only cheaper, but also more technologically advanced. They can boast of rich functionality at a relatively low price.

However, few buyers think about the service life of the device. A split system consists of many components connected to each other. Every detail plays an important role, if one of them fails, the entire system will start to work incorrectly. This means that even with regular maintenance, you will sooner or later be surprised by sudden breakdowns.

So that the masters could quickly navigate the faults and not spend too much time on diagnosing the entire system, the manufacturers came up with a system of codes. The codes contain encrypted errors that occurred in the operation of the air conditioner. When a failure occurs, the device turns off and the corresponding error is displayed on its display. For example, E8. After decoding, the master understands what exactly is broken, and proceeds to repair.

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Every user should know the basic error codes of Gree air conditioners, because they signal failures and malfunctions in the split system. If a failure occurs, you can quickly call the master from the service center and keep your air conditioner working. Some craftsmen perform repairs on their own, but we do not recommend doing so. In case of incorrect repair, the service life of the device is significantly reduced, and the subsequent cost of repair, on the contrary, increases.

In this article, we will tell you about the mistakes of air conditioners from the Gree brand. We will list the main codes. Their interpretation may differ depending on the model and year of manufacture. Therefore, this list cannot be called universal. However, this decoding will help you at the initial stage, if there is no way to call the wizard or you are the wizard yourself, but do not have the tools for diagnostics.

Error list


The compressor’s protection against overpressure has taken effect.


Possible freezing of the indoor unit. The protection worked.


Low pressure in the compressor. The protection worked.


The compressor has an excessive temperature on the discharge tube. The protection worked.


The system or compressor is overloaded. The protection worked.


The connection is faulty. There is no phase.


The operating modes of both blocks contradict each other.


The vaporizer overheated. The motor protection in the wall unit was activated.


In the heating mode, cold air began to be supplied. The protection worked.


Insufficient starting voltage. The protection of the frequency controller was activated.


The fan motor in the wall unit does not respond to commands.


The discharge temperature sensor is broken.


The temperature sensor at the evaporator is broken.


The temperature sensor at the condenser is broken.


The temperature sensor in the outdoor unit is broken.


The discharge temperature sensor is broken.


The sensor on the compressor’s discharge tube broke.


At a low speed in the «cold» mode, the capacitor overheated.


The oil left the compressor. The protection worked.


At a low speed, the system or compressor has been overloaded. The protection worked.


At a low frequency, an excessive discharge temperature occurred. The protection worked.


One of the phases was left without power.


Defrosting has begun.


The electrostatic filter protection has been activated.


The compressor overheated. The protection worked.


There was a general system failure.


The protection of the IPM module worked.


The compressor is faulty.


The drain pan is overflowing.


The electric heater is faulty.


The vaporizer overheated. The protection worked.


At a low speed, overheating occurred. The protection worked.


The evaporator is close to freezing. The protection worked.

What should I do if an error occurs?

If you are a user, write down the error code first. Then you can report it to the master. Next, unplug the air conditioner from the outlet, wait 5-10 minutes. Turn on the machine. Still see the error? So, we’ll have to call the master. But keep in mind that after the diagnosis, unpleasant news may pop up: the error is not one, there are several of them. And the display displayed the most dangerous of them.

In this case, do not panic. The specialist will determine the scope of work and inform you about them. It will also tell you the cost of repairs. At the stage of consultation by phone, the price may be one, and after the diagnosis — quite another. This is a normal situation if the wizard has found several errors in the system and they need to be fixed.

If you are a master, then you probably have never encountered such problems. Usually, in such situations, the most difficult thing is to decipher the code correctly. You’ll be lucky if you find the technical documentation that comes with the air conditioner. Owners of split systems rarely open these documents, but many keep them. Usually, the technical documentation contains a list and a transcript of all the codes for the air conditioner model that you are going to repair.

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You have no documents? Try to find them on the Internet by entering the exact name of the air conditioner model. Sometimes the model is indicated on the internal unit, sometimes the owners have at least a warranty card, where the name of the device is also written. If this does not help, use our article. With a high probability, you will be able to decipher the error correctly.

Also pay attention to the general rules for decrypting codes:

  • Group E errors indicate a general malfunction of the entire system. Problems may occur with the compressor, insufficient or excessive voltage, one of the sensors is out of order or does not work correctly, there may be a leak of freon or general contamination of the system;

  • Group F errors indicate that the problem occurred during operation in cooling mode. Here, the reason may also be faulty sensors, oil leakage, compressor overload, and other similar troubles;

  • Group H errors indicate problems that occurred during operation in the air heating mode. The compressor may have overheated, the temperature sensors may have malfunctioned, the electrostatic filter may have become dirty, or the drain pan may have overflowed.

Of course, we have described the decoding only in general terms. Each of the groups consists of a dozen errors, and each of them must be correctly deciphered. Try to find the technical documentation for the model of the air conditioner that needs to be repaired. It will significantly simplify the diagnosis and repair. Especially if you are a novice master and have not yet gained enough experience.

repair of the air conditioner with your own hands

In some cases, it will be possible to simply replace the part or perform a banal cleaning of the split system from dirt. On the pages of our website, we have repeatedly talked about the fact that dirt in the air conditioner can disable the whole unit, not to mention its individual components. Therefore, most repairs can safely start with cleaning the split system, if the user does not perform regular cleaning on their own.

And the owners of air conditioners can only advise you to regularly carry out maintenance of the device, do not save on the masters and clean the split system at least twice a year. And then you will be able to avoid many problems. Also, do not carry out repairs with your own hands. It is better to pay extra to the specialist, especially if he is ready to provide a written guarantee for the work performed.


As you can see, there are many errors, and it is important to know what each of them means. The error code is displayed on the air conditioner if there is any malfunction. You will easily notice a failure in the split system and will be able to quickly call the wizard to solve the problem. We strongly recommend that you do not carry out repairs yourself, as home craftsmen rarely have the necessary skills, experience and tools. Entrust this task to a professional. This can be a specialist from a service center or a private master that you trust.

Any other questions? Ask them in the comments below. There you can also share your experience of deciphering codes and repairing the air conditioner. Your tips and recommendations will be useful for both masters and users. Read other useful articles on our website and share your favorite ones on social networks. Good luck!

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