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Choosing an air conditioner: what is the best price?

Previously, air conditioners could only be found in high-class business centers or in the homes of wealthy people. But thanks to the development of technology, these devices have become more affordable for the average consumer, which means that now almost everyone can buy an air conditioner.

The cost of a modern household air conditioner varies depending on the manufacturer and functionality. In stores, you can find both cheap devices with a minimal set of functions from unknown Chinese brands, and expensive models designed according to the latest technology. But how to understand what is the optimal price for air conditioning for home or office? Is it worth paying too much for a well-known brand?

In this article, we will try to answer these and many other questions in detail. You will learn what factors can affect the cost of an air conditioner, how much regular maintenance of the device will cost, and what nuances you need to consider before buying.

How much does the air conditioner cost?

When choosing a home air conditioner, pay attention not only to the appearance of the device, but also and its price. This parameter can tell you a lot about the functionality, quality of manufacture, and even about the installation features of the air conditioner. Next, we will talk about several popular types of air conditioners and their cost.

Split system

When talking about home air conditioners, we most often mean exactly split systems, besides wall-mounted ones. They can often be found in apartments, country houses and offices. These are technically complex devices, and their installation is not as simple as it seems at first glance. But the choice of modern split systems is large enough to choose the most optimal one the model.

Manufacturers and sellers divide split systems into several categories: budget, medium and premium. If finances allow, you can buy a premium device. As a rule, they are equipped with a large number of functions, look stylish and are made of very high- quality materials. But we are convinced that such a purchase is not always appropriate.

Oasis home air conditioner

It is better to look at the devices in the range of 300-500$. This is the average price category. Here, manufacturers often offer good build quality and a set of additional features. Pay attention to them: if you do not need the functions of cleaning the air from dust or other «bells and whistles», think about whether it is worth paying for them.

If finances sing romances, you can choose a budget air conditioner up to 30 thousand rubles. They usually have a lot of limitations, do not have a wide range of functionality, and often look more than modest. But they handle the cooling function perfectly. Especially if you operate the device correctly, without overloading it and regularly carrying out maintenance maintenance.

Cannel air conditioner

Channel devices are often installed in offices or large houses with many rooms. The price for such air conditioning systems together with the installation is from 20 thousand rubles to infinity. The cost of such an air conditioner from the average price category will be 400-800$.

If you do not take into account the cost of installation and accessories, the channel device itself can be inexpensive. But taking into account all the nuances, the price is far from budget-friendly.

Portable air conditioner (monoblocks)

With a modest budget, you can choose a monoblock type air conditioner. Such a device costs significantly cheaper than the usual split system, a functional model can be found in the range of 200-400$. Installation is also cheaper.

air conditioning monoblock

But keep in mind that monoblocks are less efficient than split systems or ducted air conditioners. Such a device should be chosen only if there is very little money and the fan does not save you. Previously, monoblocks were the only devices on the market, but now they are gradually becoming a thing of the past.

Please note

The price of air conditioners may also differ depending on the time of year. In winter, small stores often sell air conditioning systems at a good discount, especially in January and February, when there are few customers. But in such situations, we are talking about budget devices, less often about models from the middle price category.

rating of budget air conditioners for apartments

Premium air conditioners rarely get cheaper, so we would not wait for discounts for such products. You can make a small discount, but it will be barely noticeable and it is unlikely that you will have enough money saved for installation.

Cost of installation and maintenance

In this article, we have repeatedly mentioned the installation and maintenance of the air conditioner. Is that why it’s so important? Spending does not end at the moment of buying an air conditioner. It still needs to be properly installed, as well as regularly cleaned, changed filters and monitor the condition of the electronics. As you might guess, all this costs money.

The most expensive installation and maintenance of ducted air conditioners, the cheapest-at monoblocks. Split systems are somewhere in the middle. Installing a wall-mounted split system will cost you 50-150$. The more professional the installers, the higher the price. We do not recommend saving money at the installation stage, so as not to run into trouble later.

Maintenance of split systems costs 50-100$/year.

air conditioner maintenance

Monoblocks are installed for 50$, and ducted air conditioners-for 100-150$, in depending on the complexity of the system. Maintenance of the monoblock does not cost anything, since this task falls entirely on your shoulders. Maintenance of ducted air conditioner systems will cost 100$ or more.


The final cost of an air conditioner depends on many factors: the type of device, its functionality, appearance, as well as installation features and seasonality. A high-quality wall-mounted air conditioner will cost an average of 500$, including installation and maintenance.

With a modest budget, we recommend paying attention to budget split systems up to 300$ or for monoblocks. Channel systems have proven themselves in large offices and multi-room homes. Expensive air conditioners from the premium segment are worth the money if you need advanced functionality and the design of the device is important.

What do you think about this? What price do you think is optimal? Share your experience in the comments below. Good luck!

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