air conditioner for cooling server rooms

Choosing an air conditioner for cooling server rooms

High-power computer equipment operates daily in the server rooms. For its smooth operation, a special microclimate is necessary. It directly affects the stability and speed of the servers.

For server rooms, special air conditioners are selected, which are able to continuously maintain the set temperature and humidity 24/7. In this article, we will talk about them in detail.

Requirements for air conditioners for server rooms


Servers are usually located in rooms without windows, where there may also be no central ventilation and / or heating. Such conditions are harmful not only for people, but also for powerful computers that need to work around the clock.

To solve the problem of ensuring the correct microclimate, special air conditioners are used. They differ from household appliances in greater power, reliability, performance, and even size.

air conditioners for server rooms

Air conditioners for cooling the server room must meet a number of mandatory requirements.

Basic requirements:

  • The air conditioner should maintain a constant temperature of no more than + 25 degrees Celsius, optimally — +15-20 degrees Celsius;

  • Humidity should be maintained in the range of 60-70%, depending on the time of year;

  • The air velocity should be ≈ 0.2-0.4 m / s;

  • The air should not only be cooled, but also cleaned;

  • Device must emit no more than 70 dB of noise.

Air conditioners in server rooms are selected based on the area of the room and other parameters. We recommend that you entrust this task to specialists who will make accurate calculations. In this case, the right choice of air conditioning plays a key role in the stable operation of the servers.


In order for the servers to work efficiently, it is important to meet a number of additional requirements when choosing an air conditioner. We will list the most important ones.

Do not install low-power air conditioners in server rooms. They will not be able to provide full cooling and air purification. Check the air filters in the air conditioner after installation. They must be installed.

server room

Choose an air conditioner that can operate without errors at any temperature, humidity and pressure outside. Due to global warming, abnormal cold spells and heat waves are becoming more common. An additional advantage will be the presence of a fan speed control, compressor heating and a drainage drain.

Install several air conditioners in the server room at once. For ease of operation and maintenance, air conditioners can be combined into one group using the rotation unit.

Thanks to it, the devices are switched on alternately and in the event of a failure of one of the air conditioners, all settings are automatically saved. They can be used on any other air conditioner installed in the system.

Types of air conditioners for server rooms

Split systems

Split systems are easy to use and maintain, but the installation of air conditioners is complex and time-consuming. Between the external and internal unit (s), it is necessary to lay communications: pipes through which the refrigerating agent will circulate, cables, etc.

split system for server room

Often, server rooms are part of a building, and other rooms are located outside the walls of the server room, not the street. In this case, the length of communications may be too large. You will have to lay them at a great distance. In addition, when laying pipes, it is necessary to drill the walls. The split system is designed for laying pipes with a length of no more than 15 meters, and sometimes that is not enough.

However, split systems for server rooms have their own advantages:

  • This air conditioner works stably at temperatures from -30 to +45 degrees Celsius outside;

  • The split system is durable and does not require frequent maintenance;

  • The devices of this type are convenient to maintain.

If you decide to opt for a split system, we recommend buying an air conditioner with a wall-mounted indoor unit. So you will free up space for installing other equipment, and heating and cooling will be more efficient due to the location of the device under the ceiling.

But keep in mind that wall-mounted split systems have one significant drawback — low performance in large server areas. This problem can be partially solved by installing cassette instead of the wall unit or ceiling.

However, experts believe that this is a half-measure. If you need to maintain a microclimate in a large server room, it is better to pay attention to precision air conditioners.

Precision air conditioners

The precision air conditioner is designed for year-round cooling, heating and ventilation of air in large server rooms.

precision air conditioner for server room

At the same time, it does not matter how much power the equipment is installed in the server room — a precision air conditioner will cope with its task. And he regularly serves up to 15-20 years! And this is with daily uninterrupted use.

Advantages of precision air conditioners:

  • Ensuring the right microclimate in large server rooms;

  • Long-term uninterrupted use;

  • Stable operation at any temperature and humidity outside;

  • Remote control with visual control of parameters;

  • Easy installation in the central ventilation system, if available;

  • Low noise level.

The minimum recommended power of precision air conditioners in a room of 40 m2 is ≈20 kW. Duplicate climate control equipment is selected based on these parameters. These are only approximate recommendations, the exact power of the air conditioner can only be calculated by a specialist.


There are many requirements for air conditioners for server rooms: they must consistently maintain the set temperature and humidity in the room where the equipment operates, while not polluting the air, including their noise.

At the moment, the best option is precision air conditioners for server rooms. They work more stably than split systems, serve up to 15 years and are able to effectively cool large rooms. Split systems have proven themselves well when working in small server rooms.

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