Cassette air conditioner

Cassette air conditioner: advantages and disadvantages

For many years of its existence, cassette air conditioners have managed to prove that they have the right to exist. Of course! They do not violate the aesthetics of the interior, allow for quick maintenance and in some cases work more efficiently than other types of air conditioners.

And the cassette air conditioning system provides uniform cooling and heating of the premises, without significant temperature differences in different parts of the room.

That is why the cassette type is one of the most common types of air conditioners for the office. In this article, we will tell you in detail where else you can install a cassette air conditioner. You will also learn what are the key advantages of cassette air conditioners, how they are installed and maintained.

General information

A cassette air conditioner (also called a cassette split system or a channel air conditioning system) is an air cooling device that is mounted in the inter — ceiling space of an Armstrong-type suspended ceiling.

A cassette-type air conditioner consists of one outdoor unit and one or more indoor units that are connected by a track. The outdoor unit is mounted outside the air-conditioned room, but the indoor units of the cassette-type air conditioner and the track are mounted inside the room directly in the interstitial space.

installation of the cassette air conditioner

Most cassette air conditioners are designed for installation on a suspended office ceiling of the «Armstrong» type, since the internal units of the device have the same dimensions as removable ceiling plates.

The standard cassette air conditioner of the middle and high price segment can not only cool, but also heat the room, and premium models are often equipped with air purification systems. To adjust the degree of cooling/heating, as well as to adjust other parameters of the air conditioner, a remote control is used, which is very convenient.

Scope of application

Cassette ceiling air conditioners can be used in any room with suspended ceilings of the «Armstrong» type. Cassette systems are ideal for offices, fitness rooms, lobbies and halls, restaurants and cinemas. This air conditioner will provide uniform cooling, heating and air purification, even in rooms with a large area.

cassette air conditioner

Theoretically, cassette air conditioning is also suitable for homes, but in practice they are rarely found in apartments, since suspended ceilings of the «Armstrong» type are not often used in modern residential interiors. They are less aesthetic in comparison with plastered, stretch or other types of ceilings.

About the cost

Inverter air conditioners of the cassette type are the most popular and convenient to use. They are equipped with a smooth adjustment of the cooling and heating temperature, as well as additional operating modes. However, due to the technical complexity, inverter air conditioners are more expensive than conventional systems. This is important to consider when planning your budget.

Another important point to pay attention to is the cooling capacity, it is indicated in kW. The higher the power, the more expensive the air conditioner. But the area of the cooled room will also increase.

cost of aie conditioner

The simplest cassette air conditioners can cost from 20 thousand rubles, while an industrial and semi-industrial air conditioning system will cost half a million rubles and more. The price is influenced by many factors: brand awareness, installation features, the size of the indoor unit, and much more. Before buying, consult with a specialist.

Features and installation cost

To install a cassette air conditioner, it is important that the size of the interstitial space is at least 25 cm (ideally-30-40 cm). In this case, in the interstitial space, you can hide all communications and properly install the internal unit of the air conditioner. Laying of communications will not require special costs, since it is enough to use special ceiling fasteners for their installation.

installation of the cassette кондиционера

At first glance, it seems that installing a cassette air conditioner is not a difficult task. But in fact, it is important to entrust this task to specialists with experience who will be able to properly mount both the external and internal units of the cassette air conditioner, as well as carry out all the necessary electrical work and will be able to check the operability of the air conditioner after installation.

It is for this reason that the installation of a cassette air conditioner in the office can cost 20-50 thousand rubles, depending on the number of indoor units and the features of the air conditioning system itself.

We do not recommend saving on high-quality installation. Yes, in case of problems, the suspended ceiling modules are easily dismantled and you can quickly repair the air conditioner. But only high-quality installation will save you from problems with maintenance and use of cassette air conditioners for a long time.


In order for the cassette air conditioner to work properly for a long time, it is necessary to regularly carry out maintenance of all components of the air conditioning system.

The optimal service interval is 1 time per year, if the air conditioner is installed in a standard office. If the device is used in a very large room or its operation is particularly active (more than 9-10 hours a day), perform maintenance 2 times a year.

Often, the companies that install air conditioners are simultaneously engaged in their maintenance. If you have already found conscientious installers at the installation stage, you can trust them with the service. The cost of such a service is about 5 thousand rubles. And the more indoor air conditioning units, the more expensive the maintenance.

The maintenance process consists of several stages:

  1. Removing the protective panels on all indoor units;

  2. Cleaning and inspection of drainage systems and air filtration systems;

  3. Maintenance of the refrigeration circuit;

  4. Refilling the refrigerating agent;

  5. Washing both the outdoor and indoor unit (s));

  6. Cleaning the heat exchanger at the outdoor unit;

  7. Maintenance of electrical systems and check of connections.


Cassette air conditioners for use in offices, gyms, lobbies and cinemas have long established themselves as reliable, aesthetic and easy-to-use air conditioning systems. The modern cassette air conditioner is capable not only to cool, but also to heat, and also to purify air.

Often, cassette air conditioners are installed in offices, because in such rooms, suspended ceilings of the «Armstrong» type are often used. This type of ceiling boasts removable ceiling tiles.

After removing one of the plates, a cassette air conditioner can be installed in the vacated space without losing aesthetics. At the same time, all communications are laid in the interstitial space and do not violate the appearance of the ceilings. And thanks to the removable plates, it is very convenient to perform maintenance of the cassette air conditioner.

In the comments below, you can tell us about your experience using a cassette air conditioner. Share your tips and recommendations on the selection, installation and maintenance of cassette air conditioning systems.

Good luck!

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