Can I install an air conditioner in the window

Can I install an air conditioner in the window?

Now the purchase of an air conditioning system is not difficult: the buyer can choose from hundreds of models designed for every taste and budget. However, when choosing an air conditioner, it is important to take into account not only its cost and power, but also the installation method, as well as the form factor.

The most popular air conditioners — wall-mounted multi-split systems-are not always suitable for use, despite their prevalence and affordable price. In some cases, it is more appropriate to purchase a device that is installed in the window opening. Most often, air conditioners of this type are called window air conditioners.

In this article, we will tell you in detail how window air conditioners work, what are their advantages and disadvantages, whether it is worth buying them and what nuances need to be taken into account.

General information

Mortise air conditioners for installation in a window opening are old, time-tested devices that began to be produced in the 30s of the 20th century in the United States. There they instantly gained their popularity and are often still used today.

The USSR also had its own production of window air conditioners called «BK». Despite the high cost, the «BK» devices were very reliable and were often purchased in hot regions, which is why they can still be found today.

BC air conditioner

Soviet air conditioner » BK «

The modern window air conditioner is a compact, quiet and easy-to-use device. We will not deny that this type of air conditioner is gradually becoming a thing of the past, giving way to more advanced devices. However, this is not a reason to abandon the «window», because it has many advantages, which we will talk about later.

The window air conditioner is installed directly in the window pane or in the wall, if possible. Installation can be carried out after the repair in the apartment or office, but it is important that the window frame was designed taking into account the future installation of the air conditioner.

The window air conditioner is a monoblock, i.e. the device in which case all technical»stuffing» is collected. For comparison, the usual wall-mounted is not a monoblock, since it consists of an outdoor and indoor unit, as well as communications connecting the units into a single system.

Such a complex system requires professional installation and maintenance. The window air conditioner does not have these problems. At the same time, it also works on freon, it has a compressor and a temperature sensor, all assembled in one compact package.

Advantages and disadvantages

installing the air conditioner in the window

The window air conditioner has a number of characteristic features that are important to consider before buying.


  • Easy installation and maintenance. Air conditioners in the windows can be installed even by an inexperienced master, not to mention a professional. The same goes for maintenance. Window air conditioning does not require such frequent technical control, as other modern air conditioning systems;

  • Low cost. A high-quality window device can be purchased for 10-20 thousand rubles, and simple models will cost even cheaper;

  • Reliability. Window air conditioning is simple in its essence, there is almost nothing to break. But it is important to carry out maintenance once a year;

  • Functionality. The modern device can be equipped with a variety of functions, including heating, ionization and air purification;

  • Compactness. A window air conditioner is significantly smaller than a wall-mounted or floor-mounted air conditioning system. It does not take up space on the floor or wall.


  • Reducing the amount of light. The air conditioner covers part of the window opening, reducing the amount of natural sunlight, which is very critical for small windows;

  • Custom frames. Window air conditioning cannot be installed in any window. It is necessary to take care in advance of the manufacture of a suitable window frame, in which space will be allocated for the installation of the device;

  • Noise. Modern devices are significantly quieter than those air conditioners that were produced in the last century. However, they make more noise than a standard wall-mounted air conditioner;

  • Heat loss. After installation, there are small gaps between the air conditioner and the frame, through which the cold can penetrate in the winter season. Modern devices have not been able to overcome this problem.

Despite all the advantages, window devices are less and less often purchased in Russia. They are not replaced by wall-mounted air conditioners. They are more difficult to install and maintain, but they are also inexpensive, while they work quieter, do not block the window opening and work more efficiently.

windowed кондиционер

If you still decide to buy a window air conditioner, it is important to choose the right manufacturer. High-quality air conditioners are produced by the company «General Climate», «Panasonic» and «LG». Unlike other brands, these manufacturers do not stop upgrading window air conditioners, because they are still in demand.


Window air conditioners are gradually becoming a thing of the past, but we are sure that they should not be discounted. Major brands still continue to manufacture and upgrade window air conditioners, as they have many advantages.

The dimensions of window air conditioners are quite small, several times smaller than that of a wall or floor unit. Installation and maintenance is much easier than that of wall-mounted split systems. And the cost of such a device will not hit your pocket. Check out the pros and cons of such an air conditioning system to make the right choice.

Have you ever used a window air conditioner? Have you ever installed it in your apartment or office? Share your impressions in the comments below. Your tips and recommendations will be useful for many. Good luck!

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