Budget air conditioners for your condo

Budget air conditioners for your condo: which device to choose

Thanks to technological progress, split systems have become available to a large number of consumers. In the 21st century, the price of air conditioners has significantly decreased, and everyone has the opportunity to install a split system at home.

In this article, we will tell you about ten budget air conditioners for condos, houses and offices. You will learn what their advantages and disadvantages are, as well as the key features that you should pay attention to.

Overview of budget air conditioners

Oasis OT-07

Oasis home air conditioner

Let’s start with an air conditioner from the Oasis brand. This model is designed for cooling and heating air in a room with an area of up to 20 square meters. The power of the device is from 2 to 2.2 kW, depending on the operating mode.

Buyers noted a fairly quiet operation of the indoor unit (the device makes noise in the region of 35 dB) and the presence of night mode, when the unit is even quieter, as well as a convenient remote control. We note the modern design of the indoor unit, affordable cost and energy efficiency.

In general, this is a well-assembled and high-quality air conditioner that is worth the money.

Hyundai H-AR16-07H

air conditioning Hyundai

This model is very similar to the previous one: there is a cooling and heating mode, as well as night mode for use in the bedroom or office. The power is also small-from 2.1 to 2.2 kW, depending on the operating mode. The main difference from the previous device is the quieter operation of the indoor unit (from 25 to 35 dB), as well as higher energy efficiency.

Buyers noted the excellent design of the indoor unit and reliability. We think this is a great choice if functionality is important, but the budget is limited. In addition, the Hyundai brand is familiar to customers. It has earned a good reputation with consumers.

Dantex RK-07SEG

One of the most inexpensive air conditioners on our list. It is perfect for undemanding customers who want to install the device in the living room, in the kitchen or in the hallway.

This model is equipped with cooling and heating functions, there is also ventilation, night mode, built-in air purification filters. The kit includes a remote control. The device is energy-efficient, produces no more than 40 dB of noise and will please you with its affordable price.

Among the disadvantages, we note a large indoor unit and a noisy outdoor unit. About this air conditioner can be said «cheap and noisy but this does not mean that it does not cope well with the task. Buyers note the stable operation and fast cooling of the air.

NeoClima NS/NU-HAX09R

neo clima home air conditioner

This is a good air conditioner without frills. It works both for cooling and heating. There is an air ventilation mode, as well as a night mode. The device is able to maintain the set temperature. Power — 2.5 kW. This is enough for a room of 20-25 square meters.

The indoor unit is quite quiet, especially in night mode. Customers are satisfied with the speed of operation, stylish appearance of the indoor unit, reliability and cost of this model.

NeoClima NS/NU-HAX07R

neo clima air conditioner

Another model from NeoClima, from the same line as the previous device. The difference lies in the lower power (2.2 kW). Otherwise, there are no differences. Heating, cooling, ventilation, night mode, remote control, energy efficiency-all of the above are here.


supra air conditioner

One of the controversial models on our list. On the one hand, there is a set of all the necessary functions, including heating the air and its fine cleaning. As well as the night mode of operation and sufficient power of 2.5 kW. On the other hand, customers are dissatisfied with its mode of operation.

They say that the air conditioner cools the air too aggressively! We assume that this may be related to the installation. To install the device, you must invite qualified specialists. Do not install the conditioner yourself to avoid future problems in the future.

General Climate GC/GU-A07HR

General climate air conditioner

This is one of those models that is difficult to find fault with. The device perfectly copes with its task, it is suitable for cooling a room with an area of up to 20 square meters with a nominal power of 2.3 kW.

It is quiet, energy-efficient, inexpensive, and looks modern. What else do you need? From the only drawbacks buyers noted were … the indicator on the indoor unit is too bright. Let this be the only problem you will face if you buy this air conditioner.

Hyundai H-AR16-09H

hyundai home air conditioner

Another device from Hyundai in our list. This is a reliable model that many customers like. No significant drawbacks were found. There is a whole basic set of functions: cooling, heating, ventilation, temperature maintenance, night mode.

Power — 2.7 kW. It will cope with cooling and heating the air in any average room in the apartment. Consumes little electricity, is inexpensive, perfectly assembled. One of the best inexpensive home air conditioners on our list!

Oasis OT-09

Oasis air conditioner

If finances sing romances, and you are ready to put up with a noisy indoor (and outdoor) unit, pay attention to this model. There is heating, cooling, ventilation, night light mode and remote control. The capacity is sufficient for a room with an area of up to 26 square meters.

The price is more than pleasant, especially for such a wide functionality. But you’ll have to put up with noisy operation, even in night mode. Overall, this is a great budget option, especially if you find it at a discount. If you choose air conditioning in the bedroom, it is better to choose another option.

Kitano KR-Kappa-07

kitano air conditioner

You probably haven’t heard of this manufacturer. It is not as popular as the same Hyundai that we talked about earlier. But it’s good for us: you don’t have to pay too much for the brand! Hence the reasonable price with a rich functionality.

This unit closes our list of inexpensive and functional air conditioners for the home. It can heat and cool the air, as well as ventilate the room. There is a night mode and a remote control. Suitable for rooms up to 20 square meters, as its power is 2.2 kW.

Buyers note that for rooms of 15-20 square meters, this air conditioner is the best fit. It is not an inverter, but it has proven to be a reliable device for daily use.

Which device should I choose?

There is no universal answer. Choose based on your budget and requirements. For the bedroom, nursery and study, it is better to buy a quiet device, paying a little extra for a high-quality night mode. The power of the air conditioner can be calculated independently, where 1 kW = 10 sq. m. A otherwise, the decision is yours. There is no perfect air conditioner in every sense, especially a budget one.


These were the best inexpensive models of split systems for home use. If you know of other good and inexpensive devices for household use, share it in the comments below. Your opinion will be useful for many. Good luck!

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