Bracket for mounting an air conditioner

Bracket for mounting an air conditioner: purpose and varieties

For the outdoor air conditioner unit, you will definitely need a specialized bracket. The brackets are necessary for the installation of outdoor air conditioning units on the facade of the building. Usually, the brackets are understood as reinforced l-shaped metal corners, but in fact they come in other varieties.

In this article, we will briefly tell you what brackets exist for split systems and how to choose the right mount for an outdoor unit.

General information

water flows from the external air conditioner unit

Brackets are mandatory for the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. Without them, you will not be able to fix the block on the facade of the building. External blocks weigh a lot, so you need to choose really strong brackets for their fastening.

A typical bracket for split systems is made of two steel blanks. They are connected together and represent an l-shaped «corner», one side of which is attached to the facade, and the other to the block.


There are several types of brackets available on the market for fixing the outdoor unit of air conditioners:

  • Welded. The simplest type of bracket, it is easy to manufacture, it is inexpensive;

  • With a threaded connection. Two metal blanks are fastened together not by welding, but by means of a threaded connection. Such brackets are more reliable than welded ones, but they are more expensive;

  • Universal (with a horizontal bar). The optimal type of bracket for an air conditioner. In appearance, such a bracket is similar to the previous type (with a threaded connection), but differs in the presence of a horizontal bar. It provides versatility and reliability.

Also, the brackets can be wall-mounted and floor-mounted. The floor brackets for the air conditioner are used for mounting the unit on the roof. And the wall-mounted ones are on the facade of the building.

Recommendations for choosing

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It is important to choose the right bracket for the outdoor air conditioner unit. It is important to understand that the block is fixed on the facade and can pose a danger to passers-by. The brackets must support the weight of the device so that it does not fall down and cause an accident.

It is for this reason that it is strictly forbidden to use homemade fasteners or brackets of artisanal production. There are cases when craftsmen used homemade or low-quality fasteners and external blocks were torn from the facade of the building. In the best case, the device will simply fall to the ground and break. In the worst case, it will cause tragic events.

We hope that everything is clear with this. Let’s move on to certified brackets for installing an air conditioner. It is certified! The products must have all the accompanying documents.

All brackets are divided into categories. Each category is designed for a specific weight. If you buy random brackets without paying attention to the technical characteristics, you can mistakenly hang an external unit on them and face trouble. Therefore, carefully check the weight of the external air conditioner unit and how many kilograms the bracket you have chosen can withstand.

A few more words about the manufacturer. He must provide you with a production license and a quality certificate. The more famous the manufacturer, the better. Any famous brand is concerned about its reputation and is therefore responsible for the quality of products.

As for the type of bracket, it is worth focusing on the cost and needs. If the block weighs a lot, it is better to purchase fasteners with a threaded connection or with a horizontal bar. For lighter devices, a conventional welded corner is also suitable.


To mount the outdoor unit of air conditioners, you must purchase a bracket. When choosing, take into account the technical characteristics of such a mount and its type. After all, the floor bracket for the air conditioner is suitable only for floor mounting, and the wall — only for wall mounting. Of course, some craftsmen manage to adapt the fasteners to their needs, but we do not recommend that you take any risks.

Have you ever faced the choice and installation of brackets for the outdoor air conditioner unit? Share your experience in the comments below. This will be useful for many readers. Any other questions? You can also ask them in the comments below. We wish you good luck!

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