Bioclimatizer: the best alternative to an air conditioner in an apartment

Bioclimatizer — a budget alternative to air conditioning in the office, apartment and in the country. It is indispensable on hot summer days and will help to create a comfortable indoor climate. In this article, we will briefly talk about bioclimatizers, as well as share some tips that will help you cope with the heat.

General information

A bioclimatizer (also known as a climatizer) is a compact device that runs on water. It has no compressor and no freon. Hot air enters the air conditioner through a grate on the body of the device, passes through a filter soaked in water, is cooled and is output to the outside using the built-in fan.

In fact, the air conditioner is a multifunctional device that combines air conditioning, humidifier and air purifier. At the same time, there is no need to install it permanently. The device boasts a small size and weight. If necessary, it can be hidden in the pantry or put in any part of the room.

Advantages and disadvantages

bioclimatizer what is it

The air conditioner has many advantages. Let’s list the main ones:

  • Easy installation. To make the device work, it is enough to pour water into it, insert the plug into the socket and press the power button, as well as select the operating mode. No need to drill walls, make suspended ceilings, etc.;

  • Dimensions and mobility. The air conditioner can be easily installed in any room and change its location as much as you want. The devices are often equipped with wheels for easy movement;

  • Price. The cost of the air conditioner is lower than that of a full-fledged air conditioner. At the same time, it does not need to be serviced annually by calling technicians;

  • Functionality. The devices are equipped not only with the function of cooling, but also humidification, air purification.

However, the bioclimatizer has one significant drawback — it will never replace a full-fledged air conditioner.

If engineers could make a truly effective miracle device that can cool, purify and humidify the air, and even put all the functionality in a compact mobile case, then the usual wall-mounted air conditioner no one would buy it.

Air conditioners are good in the event that you are tired of the fan, and there is simply not enough money for a full-fledged air conditioner. Otherwise, you should understand that bioclimatizers can not be compared with a conventional split system. If you have the opportunity, it is better to install the usual wall-mounted air conditioner.

Other ways to cool the air

But what if there are no extra funds even for the air conditioner? Take advantage of our recommendations:

  1. Buy a fan! Yes, this is the most obvious advice. But many underestimate the fan, considering it a relic of the past. But this is a time-tested solution, even an inexpensive fan is quite up to the task. The main thing is to put it in the right place. For example, in the corner of the room, turning on the circular blowing mode;

  2. Buy blackout curtains that block out sunlight. These curtains are called «blackout» and can partially protect you from the annoying heat. But keep in mind that in this case, there will be almost no natural light in the room;

  3. Do not open the windows wide after 8 am. Leave them on micro-ventilation so that oxygen gets into the apartment. But you can sleep with an open window. In the evening and at night, the air is not as hot as during the day;

  4. Another popular method is to hang wet curtains on the cornice. You can moisten them in cold water and cover the window opening with them. So there will be a noticeable feeling of coolness in the room. Some craftsmen manage to do that trick with sheets and blankets, but we will leave this advice to your discretion;

  5. Buy a mirror film for the windows. It is glued with water, it is easy to remove it for the winter. The mirror film not only reflects the sun’s rays, but also protects from the prying eyes of passers-by;

  6. Perform frequent wet cleaning, preferably every day. You can also spray yourself and household items with cold water from the spray gun to briefly relieve the feeling of high temperature.


If the air conditioner in the apartment will not appear soon, and you want comfort now, you can buy a bioclimatizer. It is a compact and inexpensive device that can cool, clean and humidify the air.

The air conditioner can be an excellent replacement for a bored fan, but it will never compare with a full-fledged air conditioner. This is important to understand even before buying. Have you ever used bioclimatizers? Have you ever compared them to an air conditioner? Share your impressions in the comments below. Good luck!

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