Air conditioning with humidifying air mode

Air conditioning with humidifying air mode: what is it?

Humidity is no less important than temperature. Comfort in the home or office depends not only on your subjective feelings of cold or heat, but also on the quality of the air.

It is widely known that a modern air conditioner, despite its technological efficiency, dehumidifies the air, which can make your health deteriorate. To cope with this problem, you can use portable humidifiers. However, they are not always effective, especially in large rooms.

The optimal solution is an air conditioner with a built-in humidification function. In this article, we will briefly describe what air conditioners with humidification are, what are their key advantages and disadvantages, and what nuances should be considered before buying.

General information

Now you will not surprise anyone with air conditioning. These compact and functional devices are available in many homes, apartments and offices. They are designed for cooling and heating the air. Air conditioning is designed to provide a good indoor climate in summer or in the off-season.

Air conditioners from the budget price range with a minimal set of functions have one significant drawback — dehumidification. This problem can be solved only in one way — to humidify the air forcibly.

air conditioning humidification

The task can be entrusted to humidifiers that work on water and are sold in many hardware stores. However, we recommend that when choosing an air conditioner, you immediately buy a device with a built-in humidifier, so as not to worry about buying additional devices.

Air conditioners from the middle and high price categories are often equipped with humidification and air purification, which is very convenient. Most often, such devices are floor-mounted and wall-mounted. Wall-mounted-the most popular, because it does not take up space in the room and works more efficiently.

Working principle

Air conditioners with a humidifier are similar in many ways to a conventional air conditioner, but there are a number of differences.

The device without the function of humidification accumulates excess moisture, which is removed to the street thanks to a special drainage system. This moisture is taken just from the room, which makes the air dry.

The device with the humidification function takes moisture from the street through the outdoor unit, using it to improve the air quality in the room. This is its fundamental difference from an air conditioner without a built-in humidifier. At the same time, you do not need to top up the water, as in the case of a stand-alone humidifier.

air conditioning humidifying air

Often, such devices are additionally equipped with the function of air purification or ionization, which also improves the microclimate in the room.

Pros and cons

Air conditioners with a built-in humidification function have a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Air conditioning without reducing efficiency;

  • Purification and normalization of humidity in the room;

  • Easy operation and no need to regularly add water to the machine;

  • No additional electrical appliances that take up space in the apartment or office.

However, there are drawbacks. The key one is the cost of the device. An air conditioner with a built-in humidifier is several times more expensive than a conventional air conditioner. And if you additionally buy a portable humidifier, then such a bundle of two devices will still cost less than one air conditioner with a built-in humidification function.

The most modern split systems with the humidification function cost from 1.5-2 thousand dollars. Of course, such air conditioners are technological, functional and thanks to their concise design will fit into any interior. But before you buy, you must decide what is more important to you: price or convenience.

If you use a combination of a conventional air conditioner and a portable humidifier, you can save quite a lot. But keep in mind that only a split system with a built-in humidifier can give you a feeling of absolute comfort.

Such devices are often equipped with additional functions that purify the air, they are designed to humidify a large area, and the operation of such an air conditioner will give only positive emotions.


Moisturizing conditioner is a technological, easy — to-use, effective and … expensive pleasure. This is the most practical solution if you want not only to air-condition the room, but also to maintain a comfortable microclimate in it. However, you will have to pay extra for such opportunities.

If you are not ready to spend 2 thousand dollars on a modern air conditioner with humidification, buy a regular device and a portable humidifier that works on water. This is a less efficient and convenient solution, but it will be a real salvation if there is not much money, and a good microclimate is important.

We do not recommend using air conditioners without additional humidification, as this can negatively affect your productivity and sleep quality. Anyway, it is better to take care in advance of what devices and technologies you will use to create the right microclimate in your home or office.

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