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Air conditioning-picture: how to choose? In detail

Most of us, at the mention of the word «air conditioner», present unsightly plastic devices that rarely boast a beautiful appearance. They look neutral and their main aesthetic function is not to stand out. But what if you want to buy a really beautiful technique that will properly perform its functions and at the same time please the eye?

For this purpose, engineers of leading companies have developed designer air conditioners. Such devices look extraordinary and often have an unusual shape. So, a few years ago, air conditioners appeared on the market-paintings that outwardly imitate famous works of art, while they can cool and heat the room.

In this article, we will tell you in detail what modern air conditioners are in the form of paintings, what advantages such devices have and whether they are worth their money.

General information

In recent years, the market for designer air conditioners for apartments has been replenished with new models from the LG brand. The company has long worked on the development of ultra-thin stylish air conditioners and finally introduced them to the Russian market. In 2020, you can buy a decorative air conditioner in the form of a picture by choosing one of your favorite models in the «ArtCool Gallery» line from LG.

LG air conditioning picture

Air conditioners from the «ArtCool Gallery» line are a harmonious combination of aesthetics and functionality. Yes, these devices are not as thin as a picture frame, but it is important to understand that at the moment they are among the most compact and beautiful air conditioners on the market. Other manufacturers can not offer such technological and aesthetic devices.


Split systems «ArtCool Gallery» consist of two blocks: outdoor and indoor. The outdoor unit looks just like any other modern air conditioner. It is mounted on the facade or roof of the building. The indoor unit weighs 15 kilograms and is mounted on a wall in the room. It has a compact size-60×60 cm, and the thickness does not exceed 15 cm.The front panel of the indoor unit looks like a picture in a classic black frame.

The air conditioner comes with Gustav Klimt’s painting «The Kiss», but if you want, you can replace it with any other work of fine art. It is enough to print the picture on thick paper and insert it into the front part of the block as shown in the picture below.

LG ArtCoolGallery

In addition to the aesthetic appearance of the air conditioners of paintings from the «ArtCool Gallery» series, there are a number of other advantages. They are energy-efficient, do not make unnecessary noise and allow you to save electricity thanks to the built-in inverter system. When operating at night, the air conditioner emits noise at 20 decibels, which is comparable to the volume of a whisper and is designated as «Barely audible»in the international classification.

Air conditioners in the form of paintings from the line «ArtCool Gallery» have one very important property that can dramatically affect your choice when buying. The devices are equipped with a four-stage air purification system, which can significantly reduce the number of allergens in your apartment.

If you suffer from allergies to dust, pollen, wool and want the air in your home to always be fresh and clean, pay attention to the air conditioners «ArtCool Gallery». They are equipped with all modern cleaning technologies that can make your life much easier.

Is it worth buying?

However, despite all the advantages, we can not ignore the issue of price. As of April 2020, air conditioners from the «ArtCool Gallery» line are sold in chain stores at a price of 70 thousand Russian rubles (about $ 1000). And in Belarus, the cost of such split systems starts from 3-4 thousand Belarusian rubles (about 1200-1600 dollars).

Also, you need to add the cost of installation ($100-500, depending on the company) and annual maintenance ($50-100). It is not surprising that the Russian buyer is in no hurry to buy such an air conditioner, when there are devices on sale twice as cheap and with the same set of functions.

cost of aie conditioner

Buy or not-it’s up to you. On the one hand, the air conditioners «ArtCool Gallery» look very unusual and beautiful. They are technological and modern. But on the other hand, the usual wall-mounted air conditioners can also look no less aesthetically pleasing, if you choose the right color and location of the unit.

In addition, air conditioners-paintings are not as thin as an ordinary picture frame, so they can be perceived not as a picture, but as an air conditioner with an image of a work of art. In classic interiors, this is not the best stylistic solution. But in modern and minimalistic interiors, this air conditioner can be a great addition.


Have you ever seen an air conditioner that looks like a painting? LG has been producing such devices for several years. The brand has a separate line of designer air conditioners called «ArtCool Gallery». They are technological, beautiful and … expensive. Before purchasing, weigh the pros and cons: are you willing to pay a thousand dollars for a special aesthetic?

Maybe among our readers there are owners of air conditioners from the «ArtCool Gallery» line? Share your impressions in the comments below! Tell us about your experience of using designer air conditioners, give some tips and recommendations for those who are planning to buy. Good luck!

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