Cleaning of the home air conditioner with your own hands

Air conditioning Lessar: instructions for use

If the operating instructions of the air conditioner are irretrievably lost, our article will help. In it, we explain in detail how to set up and use an air conditioner from the Lessar.

Basic operating rules

Instructions for the Carrier

  • The air conditioner is controlled by a remote control. Protect the remote control from mechanical damage, water, direct sunlight, small children and pets. Replace the batteries every six months;

  • Do not remove the plug from the wall outlet if you want to turn off the air conditioner. Use the corresponding button on the remote control (see «Button assignment» below);

  • Do not stay under the air stream for a long time. Keep small children, animals, and plants away from the air conditioner;

  • Avoid getting foreign objects into the air intake holes;

  • Do not use the air conditioner for a long time at high humidity, because in such conditions an excessive amount of condensate can form, which will cause leakage;

  • If you use the air conditioner throughout the day, periodically ventilate the room, while turning off the machine. Do not leave it on when the windows are open;

  • If you are going on vacation for a long time, unplug the device from the wall outlet and remove the batteries from the remote control.

Button assignment

The engineers tried to make the remote control simple and easy to use, but an ordinary buyer without knowledge of English is unlikely to be able to intuitively set up the device without additional help. Learn the meaning of the buttons to better understand the issues of setting up a split system.


The most important button that is responsible for turning the air conditioner on and off. Once again, we remind you that in everyday use, you need to turn off the device using this button, without removing the plug from the outlet. With a single tap, the air conditioner turns on, emitting a beep. If you press the button again, the device turns off.


It is responsible for switching the preset operating modes. There are several of them: auto, cool, heat, dry, fan. Each time you press the button, one of the available modes will turn on, and this information can be tracked on the remote control display.


A separate button for detailed adjustment of the air ventilation mode. It works on the same principle as the «MODE» button, i.e. each time you press it, one of the specified settings is turned on. In our case, the ventilation speed increases: from automatic to low, medium and high.


Thanks to this function, you have the ability to change the direction of the air flow. If you want, you can move it up or down using the «SWING» button. Press once to make the guides (also called «blinds») located in the air conditioner housing start moving up and down. Press again to stop the movement and the guides will lock in their position. You can also hold the button for a few seconds to enable automatic setting of this parameter.


Press this button to be able to adjust the air temperature. After pressing, adjust the optimal temperature by using the up (increase by 1 degree) and down (decrease by 1 degree) buttons.


If you have already selected the desired mode, but you want to achieve the effect faster, click on the «TURBO» button to make the device work more intensively. After pressing again, the turbo mode is disabled.


Unique mode, which is designed to improve your sleep. Press this button once if the air conditioner is installed in the bedroom or nursery, and go to rest. During the night, the device will work quieter than usual, and will also lower the temperature by several degrees. By morning, the air conditioner will automatically turn off.


Another useful button if the air conditioner is installed in the bedroom. It is responsible for turning on/off the backlight on the body of the device, which is so disliked by many users. To turn it off, just click on «LED» once. To turn on the backlight, press the button again.


A button to call up the last settings you set. It is very convenient if you use the same mode every day. You do not have to configure it again every time you turn on the device, just click on the «SHORT CUT» button.


Two buttons that are responsible for setting the on-timer and off-timer of the air conditioner, respectively. The first time you tap it, you will be taken to the time setting mode. With each subsequent click, the time will increase by 30 minutes. If you hold the button for more than five seconds, the remote control will automatically save your selected settings and exit the timer mode.


The first time you press it, the self-cleaning mode of the indoor unit of the air conditioner turns on from excessive moisture and bacteria. When pressed again, self-cleaning is disabled.

Important! The «SELF CLEAN» function is not able to replace a full-fledged disinfection of the split system. This procedure should be carried out regularly, in order to avoid the formation of mold.


It is responsible for enabling air ionization. If you press it again, the function is disabled.


This feature is often found in premium air conditioners. When you press the button, the so-called tracking mode is activated. The air conditioner reads the air temperature in the place where the control panel is located, and based on this data, adjusts the settings, selecting the optimal operating mode. To disable the «FOLLOW ME» function, click the button again.

Air conditioner maintenance

The air conditioner must be serviced at least twice a year. Most of the work is done by a specialist, but you can perform independent cleaning and disinfection of the indoor unit, i.e. the part of the air conditioner that is installed on the wall in the room.

Cleaning the front panel and internal components

You will need:

  1. Sanitizer;

  2. Small container (small bucket or basin);

  3. A set of soft rags;

  4. Running water;

  5. Protective gloves, mask and goggles;

  6. Brush;

  7. Vacuum cleaner.

The first thing you can do is wipe the decorative panel of the air conditioner with a soft cloth soaked in water. Also, use a cleanser. You can dilute it with water or apply it directly to the surface, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Next, you need to clean the inside of the air conditioner. Remove the decorative panel (it is held on the latches located around the perimeter of the unit) and use a vacuum cleaner to clean the unit. Use the nozzle with a narrow nozzle to get to the most inaccessible places.

Then clean the internal components of the air conditioner using a soft cloth and cleaning agent. Be careful with the fan blades, try not to damage them.

Most likely, you will encounter a plastic filter on your way. This is a large mesh plate that is hard to miss when removing the decorative panel. The filter must be removed and soaked in a container with a disinfectant, if necessary, cleaned with a brush. It is then washed under running water and dries naturally.

cleaning the air conditioner filters

Also, air conditioners have other filters that are not subject to washing and need to be replaced. We talk about them in the article below. Be sure to read it.

Please note

Disconnect the air conditioner from the mains and call the wizard if you notice the following:

  • The smell of mold or burning;

  • Air conditioner leak;

  • Frequent operation of the automatic circuit breaker;

  • The outlet or cable from the air conditioner is heated;

  • Strong vibrations and / or extraneous sounds;

  • Inefficient heating or cooling of the air;

  • The air conditioner does not turn on (try replacing the remote control).

Do not try to repair the air conditioner with your own hands. Contact customer service for assistance.


Now you know the basic principles of air conditioning management, as well as the rules of its operation and maintenance. Share your experience and recommendations in the comments below, it will be useful for many readers of our site. Good luck!

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