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Air conditioning and split system: what is the difference? In detail

If you are faced with the choice of air conditioning for the first time, you probably asked a lot of questions. What to buy: air conditioning or split system? What is the difference between a modern air conditioner and a split system? What should I pay attention to?

We will answer these and many other questions in detail in this article. You will learn how the usual split systems differ from air conditioners and what types of devices exist.

General information

Let’s answer the main question. There is NO difference between air conditioners and split systems. A split system is just a kind of air conditioner. It consists of two blocks: outdoor and indoor. The indoor unit is often installed on the wall. This method of installation can often be found in apartments and offices.

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Split system

Please note

Now we know that a split system is just a kind of air conditioner. But what other varieties are there? In short. There are monoblocks on the market (consist of a single unit, installed directly in the room), ducted air conditioners (represent a branched system with two blocks and air ducts), VRF devices (modern air conditioning systems running on automatic equipment) , etc.

Split systems are most popular in apartments, private homes and small offices. As we said above, they consist of two blocks: external and internal. Indoor units can be wall-mounted, cassette-mounted, floor-mounted, or ceiling-mounted. The wall version is the most popular and easy to use.


What is the difference between a modern split system and an air conditioner? Nothing. A split system is a type of air conditioner. In addition to split systems, there are other types of air conditioners, for example, channel, monoblocks, VRF and many others.

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