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Air conditioner Zanussi: instructions from the control panel

If the instructions for the air conditioner are irretrievably lost, do not worry. Read our article to learn about the basic features of the remote control from the air conditioner Zanussi.

General information

The remote control of the air conditioner is required for the correct configuration of the device. Without the remote control, you will not be able to perform a detailed adjustment of the operating mode. And so that the remote control that comes with the kit will serve you for many years, follow these simple rules:

  • Replace the batteries with new ones every six months. If you are going on vacation and will not use the remote control for more than one month, remove the batteries to prevent leakage;

  • Keep the remote away from direct sunlight, water, small children and pets;

  • Do not use sharp objects to press the buttons, and do not allow the remote control to fall or other mechanical damage.

  • Dispose of the batteries correctly. Throw them in special containers.

What do the buttons mean?

  • ON/OFF — turn on / off the air conditioner;

  • MODE — sequential selection of the operating mode. Each time you press it, it sets one of the available modes: AUTO, COOL, DRY, HEAT, FAN. The selected mode is displayed on the remote control display;

  • FAN — button for adjusting the ventilation speed;

  • TEMP — temperature setting button;

  • Up and down — increase and decrease the temperature, as well as adjust the timer time;

  • SLEEP — enable night mode;

  • LOCK — setting the clock;

  • TURBO — enables intensive operation mode if you need to cool or warm up the room faster than in normal mode;

  • LIGHT — turns on/off the light on the air conditioner unit;

  • TIMER ON — enables the timer;

  • TIMER OFF — turns off the timer;

  • I FEEL — intelligent mode selection;

  • HEALTH — air ionization mode;

  • QUIET — mode for reducing the noise level of the air conditioner.

We hope this article was useful for you! In the comments below, you can share your experience of setting up a Fanussi air conditioner using the remote control. Good luck!

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