How do I find out if the air conditioner is filled with freon

How do I find out if the air conditioner is filled with freon?

Air conditioners in apartments are not uncommon for a long time. Not surprisingly, their sales are only growing. These are convenient and practical devices that significantly increase comfort.

But to use the air conditioner effectively, it is not enough to buy it and install it. It is also necessary to carry out regular maintenance and make sure that the device is filled with freon.

In this article, we will tell you in detail how often you need to fill up air conditioners and whether it is necessary to fill up air conditioners in principle. We will dispel a few myths and give useful recommendations.

Please note

How often do I need to fill up the air conditioners? In a good way, not often. To be more precise, never. Yes, this is not a typo! A service technician will assure you that the split system needs to be refueled regularly, but no manufacturer has recommended this type of work.

However, there are exceptions. Sometimes you still have to change the freon in air conditioners, but only for one reason: the device has been used for many years and without fresh refrigerant is not able to work effectively. In this case, the air conditioner can be refueled.

how to refuel a window air conditioner

Also, refueling may be necessary after poor-quality installation without meeting the key installation requirements.

If you have been using your air conditioner for more than 5 years, check how well it works. By indirect signs, you can determine whether it is worth refueling it with freon or you can do without third-party interventions.

3 Signs that your Air conditioner needs refueling

Turn on the cooling mode, set it to the minimum temperature, and set the maximum speed. Wait 20-30 minutes and see if there is one of these signs:

  1. Cold air does not enter through the indoor unit. Simply put, the room is not cooled, the air conditioner does not perform its functions;

  2. The air conditioner cools the air, but not as efficiently as before. In normal operation, you have to set the settings more powerful;

  3. Ice forms on the radiator of the indoor unit, which subsequently melts and water flows down to the floor or along the walls. At the same time, the device emits a crackle and other uncharacteristic noise.

Of course, sometimes these problems do not signal a lack of freon, but the presence of other problems. But in any case, you should pay attention to them and call a specialist from the service department in a timely manner.

And remember: a properly installed new air conditioner does not need to be refueled! Do not believe the masters who try to impose this service on you for extra money.


Now you know how to check the refueling of air conditioners and when to refuel air conditioners, so that this procedure is truly effective. Have you ever refueled an air conditioning system? Share your experience in the comments below. Good luck!

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